The Sonore turntable will no doubt be the constant factor in your hi-fi collection. Its sound quality will win you over every single time you play an LP. This record player is truly devoted to the vinyl lover to reproduce any musical style as faithfully as the artist

intended it to be.


A turntable concept is simple to begin with: a platter turning at a constant speed to register music, which is concealed in grooves pressed in a black round disc, this by means of a stylus attached to a semi-rotating arm. This concept was built from the ground up in the mind of one man: it has to work like a Swiss watch, interconnecting the different components to create the most natural sounding turntable. This goal was set by Cornelis van der Weiden.



“It’s finally ready” Aiming for perfection, this turntable has been a long time in the making by its creator. Its function is to project the best musical soundscape you can ever imagine in your own living room.

A special feature is the magnetic break beneath the platter. To further stabilize the speed the turntable employs a powerful Eddy current break to provide magnetic damping.

“Simplicity in everything.” The turntable is designed to eliminate vibrations, which have a negative impact on the audio signal. This resulted in alterations throughout the entire design of the turntable: from the motor unit, its bearing and the plinth to the platter. Focusing on every part, but also on their interdependency to one another, concerning forces and vibrations.


Nothing is left to chance: reflection points of energy and vibrations are kept to a minimum throughout the turntable. The bearing and the platter are designed to prevent low frequency oscillation between the two components. The aluminium platter is engraved underneath in various heights to dim the resonance effect. The plinth is made of acrylic to absorb vibrations. All these measures are taken with one goal in mind: to exponentially eliminate the energy and vibrations and push them outside the audio spectrum to produce a clear and natural sound for the listener.



BarcaNova Sonore Turntable

Analogue engineering at its finest

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Designed by Cock van der Weiden