The High Definition Surround Recording was Produced, Engineered and Edited by Bert van der Wolf of NorthStar Recording Services, using the ‘High Quality Musical Surround Mastering’ principle. The basis of this recording principle is a realistic and holographic 3 dimensional representation of the musical instruments, voices and recording venue, according to traditional concert practice. For most older music this means a frontal representation of the musical performance, but such that width and depth of the ensemble and acoustic characteristics of the hall do resemblance ‘real life’ as much as possible.


Some older compositions, and many contemporary works do specifically ask for placement of musical instruments and voices over the full 360 degrees sound scape, and in these cases the recording is as realistic as possible, within the limits of the 5.1 Surround Sound and the AURO-3D 9.1 standard. This requires a very innovative use of all 6 loudspeakers and the use of completely matched, full frequency range loudspeakers for all 5 discrete channels. A complementary sub-woofer, for the ultra low frequencies under 40Hz, is highly recommended to maximally benefit from the sound quality of this recording.



Each one of us has different passions. However, we connect to people that have the same desire to reach their goal as we have ourselves.

Passionated and devoted to classical music, we aspire only perfection. Putting our all into producing only the best music.

Camerata RCO is a unique ensemble. Consisting of members of the Royal Concertgebouw

Orchestra in Amsterdam. Playing in the orchestra is a tremendous experience for them. However, they like to expand this joy by playing together in a small ensemble, which results in a unique chemistry.


Not only is the repertoire of a small ensemble different, chamber music has a more intimate and personal feel. It is refreshing for Camerata RCO to get to know their colleagues in the orchestra better and to play in unique locations. Camerata RCO is fully independent on their repertoire, is completly free to choose what they play, where they play it and with whom.


Camerata RCO plays many concerts in the Netherlands and abroad. The ensemble has residencies in spaarndam and Dordrecht, as well as Festival Amfiteatrif in Levanto, Italy. They have performed in cities such as New York, Minsk, Tokyo, Seoul, Vienna, Rome, Madrid and Honolulu. The energy that results from these concerts is what inspires most.