BarcaNova Records founded in 2015, unique in every aspect. Passion, Perfection, and perseverance, qualities that are the basic pillars of success found in every release of BarcaNova Records.


When the artist is provided with the right tools and is given the freedom to play from the heart, truly unique music is the end result.


This is the philosophy that is close to us, and we are more than delighted to release our first vinyl and SACD together with Camerata RCO.


Founder Hubert Koekenberg is constantly seeking for special music productions, it needs to touch and move people emotionally. Nothing is more special than the feeling in your body after a beautiful concert. That feeling is what we want to capture.

BarcaNova has gone to the nth degree to achieve the very highest degree of quality possible by deciding to debut in 9.1. Fully in line with our core beliefs of Passion, Perfection and Perseverance

Musicians, producers, instruments and equipment: four separate components within classical music. Four individual components, but when fused correctly, a beautiful piece of art.

Musicians may take years to find their perfect instrument.

We take all the time that is needed to find the best recording equipment for them, together with our recording team Northstar Recording.


So our decision to record our debut in 9.1, the highest existing format of which only a handful of studios are capable, is a logical step in our aim for perfection.

Why? To satisfy our customer, a devotee of classical music and (niche) jazz and to ensure for them ultimate delight and inspiration.